New Vibration based Hydro Power

Researchers are working on a new form of hydro power. This power created by vibrations in the water. Leonardo DaVinci discovered this almost 500 years ago. These vibrations can cause havoc on offshore structures. Now they are trying to amplify this power to create usable energy.

One advatage is that they start producing power at very low speeds, less than 2 knots or 2 mph. The general wind turbine does not start producing power until speeds of 5 to 6 knots.

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Nissan introduces the LEAF!

The all electric leaf will be slated for a late 2010 launch. The Leaf pushes 100 mile range, while having enough room for five passengers. This car will have zero emissions. There will be no tailpipe, and no harmful gases.

The onboard computer system will show a map with locations that the Leaf can recharge. For more information please visit

Lavva - Worlds Greenest Search Engine

Lavva is the worlds greenest search engine. The companies servers are currently powered by hydro electric power. Lavva uses data centers that run solely on 100% renewable energy , producing the smallest amount of CO2 waste—a 97% reduction from other energy sources.

Green Power News

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